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Air Serbia to fill Jet Airways Heathrow slots

London Heathrow

Air Serbia (JU/ASL) has agreed to lease the former Jet Airways London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL) slots from owners, Etihad.

In slot trade, submitted on the 26th April 2019, Air Serbia will lease seven slots pairs from Etihad until 26th October 2019.

Indian airline Jet Airways recently suspended operations and the some of its slots were transferred to Abu Dhabi based airline Etihad.

Air Serbia is expected to use the slots to add extra daily flights to Belgrade and the slots have an arrival time of 17:20 and departure of 19:45 using a leased Etihad Airbus A320

Slots at UK airports are coordinated by Airport Coordination Limited (ACL).

Air Serbia Slot Lease submission
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