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Wife leads tributes to ‘perfect’ husband killed in F15 Crash

Boeing F15 Lakenheath

Boeing F15 Lakenheath

The wife of First Lieutenant Kenneth “Kage” Allen has lead tributes after the US Air Force officially named Lt Allen as the pilot killed in Mondays F15 Crash in the North Sea.

Hannah Allen described her husband as “perfect” adding that she had “never been treated with more love and respect in my life”.

Lt. Allen, who was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, was killed when his F15C Eagle crashed into the North Sea off the Yorkshire Coast.

Despite an immediate search and rescue operation being launched, it was several hours before the body of Lt Allen was found.

The Commander of the 48th Fighter Wing, Col. Will Marshall said that “the tremendous outpouring of love and support from our communities has been a ray of light in this time of darkness,” but said that the whole unit was deeply saddened by the loss of 1st Lt Allen.

It is not yet clear why the Boeing F15C Eagle, a single-seat air superiority fighter, crashed but Col. Marshall said that radio data, the wreckage and information from other pilots would form the basis of the investigation.

Lt Allen was taking part in a training mission alongside 11 other aircraft when the accident happen.

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