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VLM to launch flights from Manchester

VLM Airlines A320

VLM Airlines A320

Belgian carrier VLM has announced it is to begin flights from Manchester Airport to Antwerp and Ostend-Bruges from October 2018.

VLM will operate flights to Antwerp twice daily Monday to Friday, with daily flights over the weekend. Ostend-Bruges will be served once a day.

The Ostend-Bruges service is a first for Manchester Airport and will give passengers direct access to the popular medieval city of Bruges.  The previous incarnation of VLM previously offered direct flights to Antwerp in 2009.

Route Departure Arrival Flight days **
Antwerp to Manchester 07:30 08:25 Mon-Sat
Antwerp to Manchester 17:00 17:55 Mon-Fri
Antwerp to Manchester 12:20 13:15 Sun
Manchester to Antwerp 13:30 16:15 Mon-Sat
Manchester to Antwerp 18:25 21:10 Mon-Fri + Sun
Route Departure Arrival Flight days **
Manchester to Ostende-Bruges 08:55 11:40 Mon-Sat
Manchester to Ostende-Bruges 13:45 16:30 Sun
Ostende-Bruges to Manchester 12:10 13:00 Mon-Sat
Ostende-Bruges to Manchester 17:00 17:50 Sun
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