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VE Day: ‘Salute the Heros’ Spitfire tour underway

A BBMF Spitfire

A Supermarine Spitfire (File Image / Aviation Media Agency)

A special flight has just got underway from Goodwood airfield and will see Supermarine Spitfire MkT IX (G-ILDA) carryout flypasts saluting heroes at key points around South East England.

The flight, organised by the Daily Mail and given special dispensation to operate, will first head north from Goodwood flying over care homes and other sites up to its most northerly point, Mareston Moreteyne where it will overfly Captain Tom Moore’s house.

The Spitfire will then head down to the capital overflying London before heading down to Kent and Sussex flying over Maidstone, East Grinstead and Eastbourne before flying along the coast back to Goodwood.

No timings are available for the flight so if you are on the route you will have to keep a keen eye out but the flight left Goodwood around 11:30Z (12:30BST).

A full map of the route can be found here

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