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Union plans vote of no confidence in British Airways Boss

Alex Cruz, British Airways' chief executive and chairman (Image: BA)

Alex Cruz, British Airways' chief executive and chairman (Image: BA)

The Unite Union, which represents the majority of British Airways Staff are planning a vote of no confidence in British Airways CEO Alex Cruz.

The moves comes after he said the Transport Select Commitee’s report on the aviation sector as fuelled by “rumours and emotions” rather than fact and that it “fails to grasp the economics of the airline industry”.

It appears however that British Airways staff believe its Alex Cruz that as failed to grasp the situation with the union putting his actions to the ballot.

Unite has asked members “Do you have confidence in British Airways CEO Alex Cruz handling of the Coronavirus Crisis” followed up with a question asking whether they support his proposals.

Both have a Yes or No answer.

The Unite Union represents Cabin Crew, Ground Staff and Engineers at British Airways and whilst the ballot is largely symbolic it will ramp up the growing pressure on the airline, in particular Alex Cruz, that has come from the BA Betrayal campaign.

BA Betrayal on the Houses of Parliament

The campaign has gained support from several influential and well known figures including Stephen Fry and Ricky Gervais.

Both Unite and GMB Unions have refused to negotiate with the airline as it plans to fire all 42,000 of its workforce and then rehire 30,000 onto contracts with lower pay and reduced benefits.

In a video message to staff Mr Cruz attacked the campaign saying: “I am angered on your behalf that so much anxiety has been caused by outsiders, who do not really care about British Airways, telling you that everything is over.

“I have never said that jobs will not be lost, but we will not reach the point of redundancies until we have exhausted every option to save as many jobs as possible.”

It remains to be seen what the Transport Select Committee, made up of 11 cross-party MP’s, will make of his accusations that the report is not factual.

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