This information is supplied by the Air Accidents Investigations Branch (AAIB), an executive branch of the Department of Transport.

The list of field investigations is updated monthly. All information and data is published under Open Government Licence and remains the property of The Department of Transport (DofT) and is reproduced under Crown Copyright.

Last Updated 20th July 2018

Date Reg Type Accident / Incident type Status
13 Jun 2018 G-PLMH AS350B2 Fatal accident, Loch Scadavay, North Uist Under Investigation
10 Jun 2018 G-KHEH GROB G109B Fatal accident, near Raglan, Monmouthshire Under Investigation
08 Jun 2018 G-PERH GUIMBAL CABRI G2 Loss of control during hover, Goodwood Aerodrome, Sussex Under Investigation
30 May 2018 G-OPEN BELL 206B Fatal accident, near Aldborough, North Yorkshire Under Investigation
30 Apr 2018 N9085H CESSNA 172M Landed short of the runway, Bermuda Airport Under Investigation
19 Apr 2018 G-UFCO CESSNA 152 Fatal accident, Crumlin, Northern Ireland Under Investigation
14 Feb 2018 SE-MHE BAE ATP In flight aircraft experienced control problems with power levers and flight control trim, en route East Midlands to Guernsey Under Investigation
03 Feb 2018 EI-CVB AIRBUS A320-214 Runway incursion by airport vehicle, London Gatwick Airport Under Investigation
01 Feb 2018 G-ATBJ SIKORSKY S-61N During hover helicopter lurched forward struck nosebay and suffered tailwheel collapse at Marchwood, Hampshire Under Investigation
11 Jan 2018 G-ECOE DHC-8-402 EGPWS warning on departure from Belfast Airport Under Investigation
08 Jan 2018 G-WAVS PIPER PA-28-161 Fatal accident at Overbury, Worcestershire Under Investigation
23 Dec 2018 PR-PTS CESSNA 172S Fatal accident at Providenciales Airport, Turks and Caicos Islands Under Investigation
22 Dec 2017 G-CKAG EMBRAER-145EP Runway excursion at Bristol Airport Under Investigation
14 Dec 2017 SE-MHF BAE ATP Autopilot did not disconnect on approach to East Midlands Airport Under Investigation
09 Dec 2017 G-CGWL SKYRANGER NYNJA 912S(1) Fatal accident at Plaistow Farm Airfield, Hertfordshire Consultation Stage
17 Nov 2017 G-JAMM/G-WACG GUIMBAL CABRI G2 / CESSNA 152 Mid-air Collision Near Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire Under Investigation
13 Nov 2017 G-VIIJ Boeing 777-236 Fumes in the cabin enroute to London Heathrow Consultation Stage
10 Nov 2017 G-JEDU DHC-8-402 Nose gear failed to extend, diverted to Belfast International Airport Under Investigation
23 Sep 2017 G-SHWN/G-BIXL NORTH AMERICAN P-51D MUSTANG / NORTH AMERICAN P-51D-20 (MODIFIED) Mid-air Collision at Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire Published AAIB Bulletin 7/2018
15 Sep 2017 EI-DLV BOEING 737-8AS Nosewheel separation on departure from London Stansted Airport Consultation Stage
11 Sep 2017 G-BHAY PIPER PA-28RT-201 Fatal accident at Wolferton, Norfolk To be published AAIB Bulletin 8/2018
06 Sep 2017 N250AC PIPER PA-31 Fatal accident at Caernarfon Airport, Gwynedd Under Investigation
26 Aug 2017 G-ADXT DH82A TIGER MOTH Fatal accident near Compton Abbas Airfield, Wiltshire Under Investigation
10 Aug 2017 G-GSGS GLASFLUGEL 304 ES Battery fire during landing at Parham Airfield, West Sussex Consultation Stage
21 Jul 2017 C-FWGH* BOEING 737-86J Extended take-off roll on departure from Belfast International Airport Under investigation
13 Jul 2017 G-FMKA DIAMOND HK 36 TC Fatal accident near Brimslade Farm, Wiltshire Under Investigation
18 Jun 2017 G-BXON AUSTER AOP.9 Fatal accident at Spanhoe Airfield, Northamptonshire Under Investigation
05 May 2017 G-MATH AS350B3 Accident at Wycombe Air Park, Buckinghamshire Consultation Stage
29 Apr 2017 G-ZBKF BOEING 787-9 Gradual decompression en route London Heathrow to Delhi, India – aircraft returned to London Heathrow Published AAIB Bulletin 7/2018
30 Mar 2017 LX-VCF BOEING 747-8 Leakage from cargo in flight to Prestwick, Scotland Published AAIB Bulletin 7/2018