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UK aerospace sector in ‘good health’ as aircraft orders continue to rise

Airbus A321XLR Complete

Airbus A321XLR Complete

The UK’s aerospace sector is in ‘good health’ as data from ADS, the UK trade organisation representing the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors, shows orders continue to come in for airliners.

July saw 112 airliners being ordered bringing the first half of the year total to 1,179 helped by a record-breaking Paris airshow including a 500 aircraft order for Airbus A320 family aircraft from IndiGo.

Many of the components for the A320 family are made in the UK with the wings for all Airbus A3XX airliners made here at Airbus’ facility at Broughton, North Wales.

Order cancellations are also down 68% on recent years with just 68 orders cancelled in the first half of 2023.

Aimie Stone, Chief Economist at ADS says: “With the aircraft order backlog remaining above pre-pandemic levels and continuing to grow, the long aircraft lead times from order to delivery means decision-makers can take charge to enhance innovation. 

“The backlog will enable future aircraft to become more efficient and sustainable, with UK industry having a unique opportunity to identify, accelerate and develop more efficient and sustainable aircraft technologies.”

The backlog of aircraft deliveries is now at pre-pandemic levels currently totalling 14,462, a 7% rise on July 2022, a seven-year-long list at the current global aircraft production rates.

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