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Third Beluga XL rolls out of the paint-shop

BelugaXL (Image: Airbus/S Ramadier)

BelugaXL (Image: Airbus/S Ramadier)

The third of Airbus’ giant transport aircraft, the Beluga XL has left the paint-shop ahead of its entry into service with Airbus Transport International (ATI).

The Beluga XL is used to transport Airbus components such as fuselage sections and Wings between the manufacturing sites such as Broughton, North Wales and assembly lines in Toulouse, Hamburg, Mobile and Tianjin.

BelugaXL (Image: Airbus/S Ramadier)

Based on the Airbus A330 airliner the Beluga XL can carry over 50 tonnes of cargo and with a maximum load, can fly up to 2,300nm.

BelugaXL (Image: Airbus/F Montet)

Airbus unveiled the aircraft on social media saying “Three – the magic number! Say hello to #BelugaXL 3, freshly rolling out of our paint-shop in Toulouse. Three more to come for the BelugaXL team to be complete!”

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