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So you want to be a Wingwalker?

So you want to be a wingwalker?

Breitling Wingwalkers - Dubai

If you are looking for a job that will involve you seeing the world, getting out of the office, presenting a challenge and most definitely is not 9-5 then how about becoming a Wingwalker?

Gloucestershire based AeroSuperBatics are currently recruiting for that very unique-role and you have the chance to join them on the Wingwalkers display team.

The nature of the job means its not for everyone but apart from being brave enough to stand on the top wing of a 1930’s biplane whilst doing aerobatic manoeuvres we asked AeroSuperBatics what qualities they are looking for: “You need to be level headed and very safety conscious and a background in dance and fitness is ideal to perform against the immense wind pressure experienced when flying at speeds of up to 130mph. The job would suit someone who is bubbly and outgoing who can happily talk to press, sponsors and members of the public”

The lucky candidate, who needs no previous experience, can look forward to around a month of intensive practice to prepare for their first display. They will then join the team to perform at up 60 shows & events per year, primarily in Europe but previous years have seen the team travel to Australia, Dubai, Japan and China.

Could your job be wingwalking?

Anyone that has seen the AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers display will have an idea of the amazing opportunity this presents (if you haven’t then check out the video below!) – it is definitely one of the once in a lifetime jobs, you even get paid! Just how good do you need this opportunity to get before you dust off the CV?

Wingwalking has its roots in the barn-storming days of the 1920’s when flying circuses would tour around entertaining crowds with their antics. Modern wingwalking, while much more safety orientated, still provides a spectacle that entertains people of all ages and is guaranteed to draw “ooohs” and “aaahs” from every crowd they perform for.

There are some restrictions for safety reasons though. Maximum Height is 5ft4″ with a maximum weight of 8-1/2 stone.

So if you think you are up for the challenge then why not send your CV & Photo to

Breitling Wing Walkers Promotional Video
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