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Ryanair reveals massive gender pay gap

Ryanair Head Office

Ryanair Head Office

Irish budget airline Ryanair (FR/RYR) has revealed it has a massive gender pay gap with male employees being paid on average 67% more than female employees doing the same job.

The gap is largest of all airlines that have reported pay under new regulations, Easyjet reported a 51.7% gap and British Airways came in at 35%.

The figures apply to staff that are employed in the United Kingdom.

Ryanair said “Like all airlines, our gender pay in the UK is materially affected by the relatively low numbers of female pilots in the aviation industry,”

“In recent years, the number of female pilots applying to Ryanair has increased and we are committed to developing this welcome trend. It is a feature of the aviation industry that more males than females choose to enter the pilot profession.”

Of 554 pilots employed by Ryanair in the UK, only 8 are women.

Low-cost rivals Easyjet have also been trying to encourage more women into aviation through their Amelia Earhart programme which includes girl guides earning an aviation badge. 

Under new UK legislation, companies with more than 250 staff have to report their gender pay gap by April 4 to the Government Equalities Office.

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