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Roger Lewis confirmed as new Chairman of Cardiff Airport


Outgoing Welsh Rugby Union Executive Roger Lewis has been confirmed as the next chairman of Cardiff Airport replacing Lord Rowe-Beddoe later this year.

Lewis, who has no previous aviation experience is set to take on the role at the airport which has struggled to recover from years of neglect and lack of investment under previous owners TBI Abertis.

Whilst the role is largely a political figurehead role, Lord Rowe-Beddoe is playing a large part in the airports attempts to attract a middle eastern carrier such as Emirates or Etihad, something that would give the airport an advantage over its rival Bristol.

Lewis’ record at the WRU has not always been the best with him being seen as the man who almost destroyed Welsh rugby with his refusal to negotiate with the Welsh regions resulting in legal action being brought against his WRU by the regions and an almost break away from the WRU altogether.

Despite having no aviation experience however, Lewis does have a proven track record in business.

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