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Where to see the RAF Tornado Farewell tour of UK

RAF Tornado at Cardiff Airport (Image: Aviation Media Co.)

RAF Tornado at Cardiff Airport (Image: Aviation Media Co.)

The Royal Air Force (RAF) will be carrying out a farewell tour of the UK next week as it marks the end of service for the Tornado fast jet.

The times have been announced!

Full timetable here

The Panavia Tornado, affectionately known as “Tonka”, has been in service with the RAF in various forms for nearly four decades and it was Britains front line Cold War fighter bomber. It saw its combat debut in 1991 during the Gulf War and proved an effective ground attack aircraft.

The last of the Tornados flew their final operational on the 31st January, and the final GR4 variants flew back from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus at the start of February officially handing over the reins of its duties to the latest generation Typhoons.

To mark their retirement a farewell tour will be launched from RAF Marham, the UK’s last Tornado Base. It will take in sites key to the Tornados RAF history across 3 days.

February 19th

February 20th

February 21st

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