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Passengers hail ‘improved’ border force service during strikes

Immigration Control

The Border Force strike called by the PCS Union appears to have backfired after passengers arriving in to the UK have been praising the efficient service they received from the staff that didn’t strike and the military backup provided by the UK government.

Rather than the holds up and delays that had been expected, all UK airports including Heathrow and Gatwick have seen good service with shorter than normal queues at immigration and fully functioning egate systems.

Passengers have been taking to social media to comment on the strikes one user saying that they had got through Heathrow in the “quickest time ever!”

Reuters co-bureau chief Aislinn Laing tweeted: “Just flown into Gatwick from Madrid. Military manning border, absolutely no queues, quicker than usual and service from a naval rating with a beaming smile. Was bracing to feel a bit embarrassed about the state my country is in but instead feeling very proud.”

The lack of disruption could prove embarrassing for the PCS Union especially after their boss threatened that the action could go on for months as they demand above-inflation pay rises.

For now, it seems the UK government has UK border security firmly functioning and secure.

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