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Oil Spill Response aircraft to relocate to Cardiff after Doncaster closure

Special Missions B727 Spray Operation from 2Excel Aviation

Special Missions B727 Spray Operation from 2Excel Aviation

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) has confirmed that its aircraft, operated by 2Excel Aviation, will relocate to Cardiff Airport (CWL/EGFF) following the closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

The OSRL Boeing 727 will move, along with all the related assets, to Cardiff before the 31st of October where it will continue to operate its wide area oil spill dispersal system with no disruption to its service.

In a statement, Oil Spill Response Limited said: “2Excel Aviation is working hard to find an interim solution and has conducted a complete analysis of possible locations. Following this analysis, they have identified Cardiff as an interim solution for the 727 and associated assets (loading equipment, dispersant). The aircraft will move to its new location before 31st October.”

They added: “We want to reassure our members that our number one priority is maintaining our response readiness. Given the importance of the 727 to our members, we have set up an internal project team. The project team’s focus is to ensure we maintain our response readiness throughout the 727’s move to its new location.

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