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No survivors in China Eastern Boeing 737 crash

Imgage: byeangel, CC BY-SA2.0 / Wikimedia

Imgage: byeangel, CC BY-SA2.0 / Wikimedia

Chinese authorities have said there is unlikely to be any survivors from China Eastern flight MU5735 which crashed in the Southern region of China.

The Boeing 737-800 B1791 was operating a flight from Kunming to Guanghzou when according to flight data, it entered a sudden steep dive and crashed into a remote area sparking a forest fire.

Pictures from the scene shared on social media show small fragments of debris and an unverified photo appears to show the aircraft in a complete nose down attitude.

Rescuers are at the scene of the crash and Chinese authorities will now begin an investigation into the accident.

Unverified image reportedly showing MU5735, widely shared on social media.
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