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Monarch denies its about to cease operations but has no cash for CAA

A Monarch A320 (Image: Adrian Pingstone)

A Monarch A320 (Image: Adrian Pingstone)

Monarch Airlines (MON/ZB) has denied rumours that it is about to cease operations using their social media accounts despite the fact that the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have been chartering aircraft from Omni Air, Air Transat and United Airlines to cover routes served by Monarch as their operating licence expires at the end of the September.

There is not enough cash to meet the requirements for a new licence leaving the CAA with no alternative but to suspend Monarchs operations leaving the airline unable to operate flights.

The CAA has stated contigencies are in place and this is believed to include multiple chartered aicraft already position around Europe.

Monarch’s major investors Greybull are rumoured to be providing yet another bailout for the carrier however at least 2 sources have told Aviation Wales that Greybull wish to sell off the airline (or its assets) and concentrate on Tata Steel.

Current known aircraft:

Monarch’s recent accounts showed it had turned a £210m loss into a pre-tax profit of £26m. But the report also states that Monarch faces “material uncertainity” due to the airline having no external financing in place.

Monarch Airlines is owned by First Aviation Ltd and is a low-cost airline based in Luton. They have suffered a decline in passengers of around 20% per year over the last 2 years.

It has a fleet of 34 aircraft and serves 43 destinations.

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