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Major disruption as snow and ice hits UK airports

British Airways Airbus A380 G-XLEH lifts off from Heathrow's Runway 27L (Aviation Media Agency)

British Airways Airbus A380 G-XLEH lifts off from Heathrow's Runway 27L (Aviation Media Agency)

British Airways and other airlines are running a reduced operation at London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL) today due to the what is being called ‘The Beast from the East’.

Freezing temperatures and snow have meant that Heathrow’s biggest operator has had to cancel a number of flights to maintain a safe and viable operation at the UK’s busiest airport.

The planned cancellations are usually on routes with multiple flights per day meaning most passengers are rebooked onto later flights so are still flying the same day or soon after.

One of the biggest reasons for the cancellations, which are agreed between the airport and the airline, is to allow for de-icing of aircraft without causing problems with gate space and delays.

Heathrow Cancellations Tuesday 27th February (as of 9:00 am)

For the most accurate information always contact your airline.

Time Flight No, Destination Airline Operating Aircraft Confirmed
10:10 AM BA982 Berlin (TXL) British Airways A319 (G-EUOH) Canceled
10:15 AM BA235 Moscow (DME) British Airways A321 (G-MEDF) Canceled
10:25 AM BA588 Milan (LIN) British Airways A319 (G-EUPC) Canceled
10:30 AM BA1390 Manchester (MAN) British Airways A321 (G-EUXG) Canceled
10:50 AM BA926 Munich (MUC) British Airways 320 Canceled
10:50 AM EI157 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus 320 Canceled
11:45 AM BA308 Paris (CDG) British Airways A320 (G-EUYL) Canceled
11:50 AM LX319 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss 320 Canceled
12:00 PM VS19 San Francisco (SFO) Virgin Atlantic 789 Canceled
12:05 PM BA1342 Leeds (LBA) British Airways A319 (G-EUPK) Canceled
12:10 PM BA1308 Aberdeen (ABZ) British Airways 319 Canceled
12:45 PM BA574 Milan (LIN) British Airways 319 Canceled
12:50 PM BA438 Amsterdam (AMS) British Airways A320 (G-EUYS) Canceled
1:05 PM BA1484 Glasgow (GLA) British Airways B763 (G-BZHC) Canceled
1:15 PM BA836 Dublin (DUB) British Airways A320 (G-EUYF) Canceled
1:25 PM BA780 Stockholm (ARN) British Airways B763 (G-BNWX) Canceled
1:55 PM BA994 Berlin (TXL) British Airways A319 (G-EUPA) Canceled
2:00 PM BA722 Geneva (GVA) British Airways A319 (G-EUPF) Canceled
2:10 PM BA908 Frankfurt (FRA) British Airways A320 (G-EUYE) Canceled
2:10 PM BA954 Munich (MUC) British Airways 319 Canceled
2:15 PM BA446 Amsterdam (AMS) British Airways A320 (G-EUYD) Canceled
2:30 PM BA750 Basel (BSL) British Airways A319 (G-EUOF) Canceled
3:00 PM BA734 Geneva (GVA) British Airways A320 (G-EUUV) Canceled
3:00 PM BA966 Hamburg (HAM) British Airways 319 Canceled
3:05 PM BA1446 Edinburgh (EDI) British Airways A320 (G-EUUG) Canceled
3:10 PM BA398 Brussels (BRU) British Airways A320 (G-EUYN) Canceled
3:15 PM BA718 Zurich (ZRH) British Airways A320 (G-EUYM) Canceled
3:35 PM BA462 Madrid (MAD) British Airways 321 Canceled
3:50 PM BA944 Dusseldorf (DUS) British Airways A319 (G-EUOD) Canceled
3:50 PM EW465 Cologne (CGN) Germanwings A319 (D-AGWF) Canceled
4:05 PM BA768 Oslo (OSL) British Airways A319 (G-EUOG) Canceled
4:10 PM BA820 Copenhagen (CPH) British Airways A319 (G-EUPK) Canceled
4:30 PM LH911 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa 32A Canceled
4:35 PM BA580 Milan (MXP) British Airways 320 Canceled
4:40 PM BA912 Frankfurt (FRA) British Airways 319 Canceled
4:45 PM BA996 Berlin (TXL) British Airways A320 (G-EUYP) Canceled
4:55 PM BA838 Dublin (DUB) British Airways A320 (G-TTOE) Canceled
4:55 PM BA1314 Aberdeen (ABZ) British Airways A319 (G-EUOH) Canceled
4:55 PM BA1488 Glasgow (GLA) British Airways 321 Canceled
5:05 PM BA736 Geneva (GVA) British Airways 319 Canceled
5:10 PM BA520 Madrid (MAD) Iberia A319 (EC-JXJ) Canceled
5:25 PM BA1398 Manchester (MAN) British Airways A320 (G-EUYS) Canceled
5:30 PM BA1336 Newcastle (NCL) British Airways 319 Canceled
6:20 PM BA1458 Edinburgh (EDI) British Airways A320 (G-EUYD) Canceled
7:45 PM EI177 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus 320 Canceled

Almost every UK airport affected.

Almost every UK airport is experienceing some disruption due to snow and ice today with worse weather expected on Thursday and Friday according to the Met Office.

Yellow & Amber warnings are in place for multiple parts of the UK  as the country deals with the coldest snap for some time.

Liverpool Airport is currently closed (as at 09:30) due to snow and almost all other UK airports are experiencing delays and some cancellations.

The advice for all passengers planning to fly today is to check with your airport and airline.



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