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London City Aiport launches consultation on expanding flight hours

A busy scene at London City Airport (Image: UK Aviation Media)

A busy scene at London City Airport (Image: UK Aviation Media)

London City Airport (LCY/EGLC) is launching a 10-week consultation into expanding its times of operation to meet the demand for post-COVID air travel.

Currently, no departures are allowed from the East London airport between 12:30pm on Saturdays and 12:30pm on Sundays but the airport wants to change this so it can operate flights between 6.30am and 10pm on Saturdays.

In addition, the airport also wants to double the number of flights between 6:30am and 7am Monday to Saturday to 12.

The changes are backed by the airports too biggest users, BA CityFlyer and KLM.

The airport has made clear though that it is not seeking to increase the annual flight cap which is set at 110,000 flights.

KLM Embraer wearing the KLM 100 logo (Image: Max Thrust Digital)

Robert Sinclair, London City’s chief executive said: “The strength of our rebound demonstrates the huge pent-up demand for travel and the need to plan responsibly for the future”.

London City Airport expects to handle 3 million passengers with a return to a pre-pandemic 5 million by 2024.

The moves are not without opposition though. The airport is located in the densely populated docklands area and local airport expansion opposition group HACAN East has said it will anger local residents.

HACAN East chairman chair John Stewart said: “Ever since London City opened, residents have had a break from the noise between midday Saturday and midday Sunday. There will be anger that the only break now will be for a few hours on Sunday morning”

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