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Loganair’s Islander returns to Kirkwall with new look

Britten Norman Islander

Britten Norman Islander

Leading regional airline Loganair has placed its Britten-Norman BN2 Islander back at Kirkwall airport with a fresh new look.

The small twin engined aircraft has now joined the rest of the Loganair fleet in sporting the airline’s Tartan livery.

The Islander is a familiar sight in the Orkney Islands as it forms the heart of the airlines inter-island service operated out of Kirkwall Airport (KOI/EGPA).

Loganair Chief Executive, Jonathan Hinkles, said: “The BN2 islander is often referred to as the Land Rover of the skies, and I don’t think anything could be more apt. It’s a robust, dependable, and versatile aircraft that is at ease travelling the island air. No matter the coat of paint, the islander will always be there for our island communities.”

One of the routes operated by the Islander is the worlds shortest commercial route Westray and Papa Westray. The route can be flown in just 90 seconds.

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