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Loganair will ask passengers to love the islands

Loganair ATR

Loganair ATR

Loganair (LM/LOG) has launched a new initiative aimed at encouraging tourists to respect and protect the islands it flies them to by asking passengers to adhere to a new “island visitor pledge”.

It is believed to be the first time that a UK airliner has asked passengers to follow guidelines designed to protect the destination they are visiting but it is similar to a scheme recently launched in Iceland.

Loganair flies to some of the UK’s most remote islands including the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland and has been working with the local tourism agencies to develop the guidance.

Luke Lovegrove, Commercial Director, Loganair, said: “We’re extremely proud to be flying the flag for our beautiful but fragile island communities. Following the pandemic, people are continuing to explore and enjoy the many unique attractions we offer right here in the UK, but we must tread as lightly as possible to protect our precious destinations, especially our islands. 

“We hope our customers will join us on the next stage of our journey to protect the environment and secure our islands for generations to come.”

Loganair has been leading the way on the environment, recently implementing its innovative GreenSkies sustainable flying programme. It includes full carbon offsetting for all its flights through accredited carbon offsetting schemes, as well as investing in future flight projects to meet the airline’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2040.

The Shetland Islands

David Nicol, Promote Shetland said: “It was great to have Loganair consult us while developing the island visitor pledge.

“It is wonderful to see tourists returning to Shetland this year and experiencing the spectacular sights and sounds of the islands.

“We encourage all travellers to visit responsibly and respect Shetland’s unique wildlife, natural heritage, and incredible archaeology. That way we can all enjoy our islands and help protect them for future generations.” 

Orkney Islands

Maureen Shearer, Orkney Marketing, said: “When visitors come to Orkney, they very much become a part of our community, no matter how long their stay. This pledge is a really positive initiative by Loganair, one that helps our visitors get the best from their time with us, while also highlighting the ways they can help safeguard our local environment.” and Sarah Maclean, CEO, Outer Hebrides Tourism, added: “We are delighted to partner with Loganair in supporting this campaign asking our visitors from across the world to help us look after our islands.  The Outer Hebrides is a special place and as we welcome more people to enjoy the environment and culture here, we must all play a part in acting respectfully and responsibly – including leaving no impact on the landscape, giving wildlife space, supporting local businesses and being mindful of our community way of life.”

Barra in the Hebrides

The islands featured as part of the Loganair Loves Islands campaign are: Shetland, Orkney, Lewis and Harris, Benbecula, Islay, Isle of Man, Barra and Tiree.

If you are interested in signing the pledge you can do so here

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