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Leeds based COPTRZ launches Drone Detection System

DJI Aeroscope System

DJI Aeroscope System

Leeds based Commercial Drone provider, COPTRZ, has announced it has launched a Drone Detection system to protect airports.

The turnkey solution is in partnership with leading Drone manufacturer DJI using the DJI Aeroscope detection systems which allows an operator to track telemetry data from drones in surrounding airspace of up to 40km. (25 miles) distance. In effect, it’s a drone license plate detection system.

It works by intercepting the communications link between a DJI Drone and its controller and presents that data on screens for use by Airport Security and Air Traffic Control. This can then be used to take the necessary action to mitigate dangers.

Near misses involving Drones and Commercial aircraft have seen a 168% increase over a two-year period with experts saying it’s not a case of if, but when will an aircraft be involved in a collision with a drone.

That trend is expected to continue as both commercial and hobby drone use is continuing to rise in the UK.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is constantly updating the guidance and regulations surrounding drones and commercial drone operations require licences.

COPTRZ was selected as the European partner for the DJI Aeroscope System and Steve Coulson, founder and managing director of COPTRZ said “We are proud to have partnered with DJI as the European turnkey provider of AeroScope. The drone industry has grown exponentially in recent years and we are now seeing them used to great effect across nearly all vertical sectors. Despite this, an increase in drones taking to the skies has caused significant safety fears, particularly in airspace surrounding airports. COPTRZ will to continue to lead the development of the commercial drone industry, and in order to do this, we need to identify between legal and illegal drone use. AeroScope does exactly that and we are looking forward to working with all major European airports to help significantly reduce the threat of illegal drone activity.”

A recent video posted on Youtube by a user called “Aerialdrone” shows up close filming of aircraft landing at Tenerife South Airport. Had the aircraft had to alter course then the proximity could well have resulted in an accident.  The video was widely condemned by the Drone community.

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