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Larnaca to Cardff with Cobalt? not in 2017

Cobalt Airlines (Image: Cobalt)

Cobalt Airlines (Image: Cobalt)

Sources have told Aviation Wales that Cobalt Air have officially shelved plans to operate at any UK Airports other than Stansted, Birmingham and Manchester in 2017 meaning the much-vaunted route to Cardiff will not happen.

The Larnaca to Cardiff route was originally touted as a launch route from Cobalt however despite appearing on their website as a destination it appears that Cobalt were unable to fulfil their plans this season.

Larnaca, Cyprus is a popular destination for Welsh travellers with the route is already served by Thomas Cook and Thomson.

Alot of interest had been shown in the Cobalt route and a new low-cost carrier would have been seen as a success for Wales’ National Airport.

Cobalt had been asked to comment on the reasons the routes to Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow were no longer happening despite them being added to the website but they have so far declined to comment.

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