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In Pictures: British Airways unveils its first #BA100 aircraft

British Airways retro liveried BOAC Boeing 747-400 G-BYGC (Image: Max Thrust Digital)

British Airways retro liveried BOAC Boeing 747-400 G-BYGC (Image: Max Thrust Digital)

British Airways (BA/BAW) has unveiled its first retro-liveried aircraft to mark its #BA100 celebrations.

The Boeing 747-400, G-BYGC, has been repainted into the blue and gold livery of BOAC (which became British Airways in 1971) and we were on hand to watch it arrive into Heathrow for the first time after coming out of the paint shop in Dublin.

Even the grey and wet British weather couldn’t spoil the enjoyment day which also saw cabin crew dress in period BOAC uniforms and a host of special guests including former BOAC crew.

Alex Cruz, British Airways’ Chairman and CEO, said: “The enormous interest we’ve had in this project demonstrates the attachment many people have to British Airways’ history. It’s something we are incredibly proud of, so in our centenary year it’s a pleasure to be celebrating our past while also looking to the future. We look forward to many more exciting moments like this as our other aircraft with heritage designs enter service.”

The BOAC livery will remain on G-BYGC until it retires in 2023.
BA100 arrives at Heathrow (Footage courtesy of British Airways)
DUBLIN, IRELAND: British Airways Boeing 747 G-BYGC goes into a paint bay at Dublin Airport before being resprayed with a BOAC livery as part of the centenary celebrations. (Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)
British Airways – BOAC 747 Leaves the paint shop in Dublin (Image: Stuart Bailey/British Airways
BA100 approaches a very grey and murky Heathrow Airport (Image: Aviation Media Co.)
BA100 lands at Heathrow Airport (Image: Aviation Media Co.)
Cabin crew in period and modern uniforms greet BA100 (Image: Aviation Media Co.)
Not even rain could dampen the spirits of former BOAC crew member Linda Morrison (Image: Aviation Media Co.)
G-BYGC Looking resplendent in her new livery (Image: Aviation Media Co.)
Into the hangar she goes to be prepared for her first flight to JFK (Image: Aviation Media Co.)
BA100 flight crew (Image: Aviation Media Co.)
The original BOAC 747, albeit 1:200 scale one! (image: Aviation Media Co.)
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