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Flybe is back! The UK’s Phoenix airline returns to the skies today

Flybe Dash 8 (Image: Harrison Sharp)

Flybe Dash 8 (Image: Harrison Sharp)

The airline dubbed Flybe 2.0 is returning to the skies for the first time since the original company collapsed in 2020 as the airline’s first flight between Belfast City and Birmingham got underway today.

BE404 was the first passenger-carrying flight under the Flybe brand since March 2020 and it left Birmingham this morning bound for Belfast City Airport.

Flybe launch at Belfast City (Image: Harrison Sharp)

Fittingly, the flight was operated by a previously Flybe owned aircraft, G-JECX.

The new Flybe is not the same airline that collapsed in 2020 though, the rights to the brand were purchased by one of the Flybe Shareholders, Cyrus Capital, and then transferred through various companies leading to the formation of Flybe Ltd.

Flybe Dash 8 at Belfast City Airport (Image: Harrison Sharp)

After a long road and many pitfalls, the airline is once again flying and with its new headquarters in Birmingham as the first destination.

Belfast to Glasgow is due to launch tomorrow with more routes being added from the 28th April.

Boarding the first Flybe flight (Image: Harrison Sharp)

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