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Flybe flight carries out emergency landing at Manchester

Flybe Dash 8 -Q400 - File Image

Flybe Dash 8 -Q400 - File Image

A Flybe (BE/BEE) flight from Edinburgh to London City has carried out an emergency landing at Manchester Airport this morning.

Flight BEE1333 left Edinburgh Airport at 7:32am before declaring an emergency and rapidly descending down to 5000ft.  The aircraft, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 G-PRPL, is understood to have suffered a technical fault shortly after crossing the border between England and Scotland.

It then diverted to Manchester Airport where it was met by airport fire and rescue vehicles.

A spokesperson for Flybe said “Flybe can confirm that the captain of the above flight took the necessary action following a suspected technical fault with the aircraft and elected to divert to Manchester Airport as a precautionary measure.

“The aircraft landed safely without further incident and, as is normal in such circumstances, was met by the airport’s emergency vehicles.

“Once on stand, all 63 passengers disembarked as normal.

“They will be re-accommodated on the next available flight operated by an alternate aircraft.”

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