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First BelugaXL shows off its true colours

BelugaXL roll out (Image: JV Reymonden/Airbus)

BelugaXL roll out (Image: JV Reymonden/Airbus)

The first BelugaXL, Airbus’ latest oversized transport aircraft, has come out of the paint shop today in full livery.

Wearing a “smile” livery that was chosen by employees the Airbus A330OST Beluga XL will now undergo ground testing ahead of its first flight in a few weeks.

The livery was chosen by employees from six designs. The smiling design is supposed to make the aircraft look like a Beluga whale, the creature that gives the aircraft its name.

Based on the A330-200F, the new oversize air transporters will fly in summer 2018 and are due to enter into service in 2019.

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