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easyJet, Tui and Jet2 all cancel package holidays to Rhodes as evacuation flights ramp up

easyJet Holidays, Jet2 and Tui have all confirmed they are suspended packsge holidays to the Greek island of Rhodes as a huge wildfire ravages the holiday island.

The move comes as all three airlines are sending empty aircraft out to Rhodes to evacuate British holidaymakers who have been forced out of resorts and hotels by the fire which is believed to have been deliberately started.

Corfu and Evia have also issued evacuation orders for seperate fires but not on the same scale as Rhodes.

Greece has been hit by a heatwave causing soarinf temperatures ans combined with strong winds, the fires have spread out of control for several days.

Jet2 alone is sending four flights to Rhodes this evening to bring people home whilst easyJet says it is sending more flights tomorrow.

There has been no official advice against travelling to Rhodes but on one easyJet flight due to fly out yesterday the pilot told passengers that travelling to Rhodes for leisure right now was a “very bad idea” and said they were welcome to get off the plane if they wanted too.

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