F35B Lightning II (Image: Lockheed Martin)
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UK warning for Lightning across southern England

AvGeeks in the UK have been warned to look out for Lightning this afternoon as the UK’s latest front-line ground attack aircraft heads across the Atlantic. The first Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightining II’s (F35 Lightning to the RAF) are being flown from the US to RAF Marham be members of [read more]

F35B Lightning II (Image: Lockheed Martin)
Military aviation news

F35-B Lightning II’s to arrive in UK tomorrow

The UK’s latest jet fighter aircraft should finally arrive in the UK tomorrow as the first Lockheed Martin F35-B Lightning II’s fly into RAF Marham. The Joint Strike Fighters (JSF) will form the backbone of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy attack aircraft replacing the role previously carried out by [read more]

Lockheed Martin F35 Lighting II
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617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron is reformed for F35

617 squadron,  which was immortalised in the Dambusters film, has been reformed to fly the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) latest front-line aircraft, the F35 Lightning II. Disbanded in 2014, 617 Squadron has primarily been a ground attack and reconnaissance squadron and became a household name when, in 1943, they carried out Operation [read more]

Tomahawk Missile Launch (US DoD)
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UK flights to Cyprus warned about possible military action

UK airlines have been warned that military action against Syria could cause safety concerns in the Cyprus area along with “intermittent disruption to navigation equipment”. The warning was issued today by the European Aviation Security Agency (EASA) and covers the Eastern Mediterranean & Nicosia flight information region (FIR), which includes [read more]

RAF Tristar Aircraft
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US Company buys up ex-RAF Tristars

US Company Tempus Applied Solutions has agreed a deal to purchase six ex-RAF Lockheed L1011 Tristar KC1’s & K1s The ex-RAF tankers, which are currently located at Bruntingthorpe, are 3 x KC1s ex ZD948, 950, 951 and 953 and 2 x K1s ex ZE704 & 905. Four of these aircraft [read more]

RAF T-6C Texan
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First T-6C Texan trainers arrive at RAF Valley

The first two Beechcraft T-6C Texan II trainers for the Royal Air Force (RAF) have arrived at RAF Valley today. The aircraft will be used to train future fast-jet pilots under the UK Military Flying Training System (Military Flying Training System) and are supplied and maintained by Affinity Flying Training [read more]