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Britten-Norman eyes export for ex-MOD islanders

BN2T-4S Islander

BN2T-4S Islander

Isle of Wight based Britten-Normal has acquired a number of BN2T-4S Islander aircraft that have served with the UK’s Ministry of Defence under a short-term urgent operational requirement.

The aircraft have been operating in a surveillance role under the military designation Defender 4000 (D4K) both in the UK and overseas.

All of the aircraft will now be marketed independently by Britten Norman Britten-Norman but the company has also teamed up with the MoD’s Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA), to offer the aircraft under a Government to Government sales agreement.

As well as fostering cooperation with allies and friendly nations the programme will also provide a financial return to the MoD under a gainshare agreement, helping the taxpayer to derive direct benefit from the exports.

The majority of the aircraft have been owned by the MOD since new and have completed just 10% of their expected lifespan with all deep maintenance being carried out by Britten-Norman.

The versatile Britten-Norman Island can operate as a freighter or airliner as well as special operations, including medivac, search and rescue, aerial survey and policing & intelligence operations.

William Hynett, CEO of Britten-Norman, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to acquire these aircraft and look forward to giving them a new lease of life. The opportunity to work closely with DESA to derive mutual benefit in any sales is an added bonus. TheBN2T-4SIslander brings a different offering to our customers.

“The aircraft maintains many of the Islander’s renowned STOL characteristics whilst offering a larger cabin for increased passenger comfort. There has been early interest in the aircraft in both the airline and policing configurations. We have already commenced the conversion of the aircraft to the civil register for onward sale.”

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