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Bristol Airports expansion plans lose WECA support

Bristol Airport Phase 2 Consultation

Bristol Airports plans to expand the airport beyond £10m passengers per year have been dealt another blow after the West of England Combined Authority officially changed its stance to oppose the expansion.

The WECA committee voted to oppose the plans when it backed a motion led by WECA Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

North Somerset Council had already rejected the expansion plans but Bristol Airport is appealing that decision but with regional political support now opposing the airport, it has become a much harder appeal to win.

Mr Norris said that Bristol Airports plans were “badly-judged, badly-timed and bad for our planet.”

Expansion of this airport focuses on the airport infrastructure in order to cater for up to 12m passengers per year.

An inquiry is due to run until October where three independent inspectors could overturn the North Somerset decision to reject.

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