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Boeing unveils 777X in a scaled down event

The Boeing 777X (Image: Boeing)

The Boeing 777X (Image: Boeing)

Boeing was set to unveil its latest airliner, the Boeing 777X to a hail of fanfare and publicity but the recent events regarding the Boeing 737 Max led to the company scaling back the event.

They did, however, continue with the reveal of the aircraft, and what an amazing aircraft it is.

The Boeing 777-9, that was revealed yesterday is the first complete 777X and Boeing’s latest and largest twin-jet airliner.

British Airways has just placed a large order for the 777-9 which can fly 7,525nm non-stop thanks to its ultra-efficient wing design, one of its key features.

The wingspan is 71.8m in flight but to allow it to operate at conventional airports it folds the end sections to cut the wingspan to just 64.8m on the ground allowing it to operate at any airport the 777 currently operates from.

For passenger comfort, using composite construction means the 777x models have larger windows and a wider cabin than the current models.

So far the company has received orders for 344 Boeing 777X.

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