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Boeing close to securing huge 767 order

Boeing close to securing huge 767 order

Seattle-based Airframer Boeing is reportedly close securing a “huge order” for up to 100 passenger 767’s.

The news was reported in the Puget Sound Business Journal which cited a Boeing document and three industry sources who remained anonymous to protect business relationships.

The order believed to be from United (UA/UAL) would see Boeing double production of the twinjet at its Everett plant in Washington State, however, Boeing hasn’t made a passenger 767 since 2012.

United are believed to have ordered or are close to ordering 50-100 Twin Jets to replace ageing 767 aircraft in the fleet. United’s current 767’s range between 22 and 15 years old. It is expected that the order would also replace United’s ageing 757 fleet which totals 77.

Boeing and United have declined to comment.


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