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Beluga XL marks 2 year anniversary at Broughton

Beluga XL arrives in the UK (Image: Airbus)

Beluga XL arrives in the UK (Image: Airbus)

The Airbus Super-Sized Transport aircraft, the Beluga XL marks the 2nd anniversary of its first-ever arrival into the Airbus Wing facility at Broughton, North Wales today.

There was certainly love in the air for new type on valentines day two years ago as crowds gathered to watch its arrival as the test aircraft visited the site.

Airbus Beluga XL dips her wings in a nod to staff at Airbus Filton (Image: TransportMedia UK)

Beluga XL F-WBXL made the trip up from Airbus Toulouse flying over Airbus site in Bristol and the Severn Bridges before heading up to Broughton.

The aircraft was loaded with a set of wings for an Airbus A350 and later flew them to Bremen, Germany.

Beluga XL No3 (Image: Daniel Crawford)

To celebrate the occasion, Airbus will live stream the arrival of Beluga XL No3 tomorrow morning.

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