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Are you a passenger from hell?

Passengers in airport

Smelly passengers and out of control kids top the list of worlds words passengers according to

The website surveyed its readers on ten types of airline passengers with those having poor personal hygiene coming out on top. Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas thinks the level of frustration for the smelly passenger reflects a decline in hygiene standards. He said: “There has been a significant shift in passengers’ gripes about their fellow travellers, who are either not conscious of their odour or don’t care,”.

Out of control children also ranks highly on the list with parents apparently thinking that the other passengers are stand-in babysitters when they are onboard.

Other gripes included passengers who recline their seat. The previous top spot gripe now ranks third on the list showing how peoples idea of passenger hell has changed over the last few years.

Following up from the top three are Armrest hogging, excess carry-on luggage and passengers with weak bladders! (why do they always sit by the window!).

The lowest places were occupied by passengers who are always asking flight attendants for things and those who pull the window shade down ensuring no-one else can see out of the window.

So before your next flight, top up on that deodorant, your fellow passengers will appreciate it!

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