What is Air Passenger Duty

Air Passenger Duty is a tax paid by passengers flying out of the UK.

At the moment, Westminster sets the rate of duty paid for England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have already had this tax devolved.

APD is a punitive tax that only serves to hinder Cardiff Airport’s ability to continue on this journey of growth Deb Barber, CEO Cardiff Airport

Introduced in 2009 Air Passenger Duty is widely agreed to be damaging to the economy in particular tourism across the UK. From April 1st 2016 it will add up to £142 to the cost of flying from the UK.

Why should it be devolved?

We believe that it shouldn't just be devolved it should be abolished completely, devolution would allow Wales to do that.

It's Our Right

A tax on flying from Wales should not be set by an English Government.

It's Damaging

The tax is stifling growth at Cardiff Airport, in particular long haul opportunities.

It stifles the Economy

The tax discourages tourism and industry from visiting the UK

Job Creation

Reducing or scrapping the tax could create up to 1500 jobs in Wales alone

Boost Tourism & Routes

Lower or No APD would make Wales more attractive to new carriers

What can YOU do?

Ways you can help campaign for devolved APD


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Wall of Support

Devolved Air Passenger Duty in Wales affects You, Industry and Tourism. That's why these organisations support it. Add your voice to the wall of support and show Whitehall we want control of our own future! Email your company or organisation name and logo to [email protected]

What people say about APD

Here's what people, industry and tourism are saying about APD

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