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Advertising on our network is a great cost-effective way to gain exposure for your business especially if you are trying to reach a travel and aviation audience.

We offer highly competitive rates which give cost-effective results from as little as £1 per day and have packages to suit all budgets including big discounts for SME’s.

We can offer simple banner advertising, in article advertising or special features at affordable rates.

Your advertising is managed by the UK Aviation Media which means your adverts appear across the UK Aviation Network including newsletters and our Social Media networks. This gives you access to 3 million people per month (based on 2024 stats).

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We are in the process of moving away from ineffective affiliate advertising to working purely with advertising buyers, pr companies and Google.

We are currently offering discounts for advertisers in the following categories:

We are always willing to discuss advertising with you if you fall outside of the categories listed above subject to vetting by our advertising team.

For a no-obligation chat about then drop us a line at

Figures correct as of November 2022 based Google Analytic statistics and includes social media.
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