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British Airways Boeing 747-400 at Cardiff Airport (Image: Aviation Wales)

UK Aviation News is a leading independent resource for Aviation, Aerospace, Air Travel, Airline and Airport news from across the UK.

We’ve been around since 2015 and quickly grew to cover the UK as a whole. We have become a trusted independent resource for Air Travel, Aerospace and Aviation news for professionals and public alike, this is evident by a current monthly visitor engagement via the website, social platforms and mailing lists which regularly exceeds 40,000 people. This has been achieved by standing by our principles of ensuring all information is accurate and timely.

Unlike other so-called Aviation news sites, we are not operated to benefit a flight compensation company or travel reward cards. We are run by people who are enthusiastic about aviation, for people who are enthusiastic about aviation.

Adverts on this site simply go towards the cost of running the website.

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UK Aviation News is managed by The Aviation Media Agency which generates digital content such as News, Imaging and Video for the aviation industry.

*Figures correct as of January 2018 and cover the website and social media engagement.
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